The Galaxy carpet


For several generations, we have been present on different markets: Europe, America and especially Iran (Tehran), United States (San Francisco, New York), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris, Coulommiers, Orgeval, Velizy).

We decided to change our traditional sales policy by converting it into e-commerce in order to favor a direct relationship with our particular clientele.

The Carpet Galaxy would like to thank all of its customers who entrusted them with the task of decorating their home in a warm communion space. We also want to thank the many interior decorators who turn to La Galaxy Carpet as a reference source of quality handmade carpets, when carrying out their projects.
Our knowledgeable staff of 10 people, with over 100 years of experience in the industry, are at your service to make your next furniture project more enjoyable. Whether you prefer the online shop or want to visit our showrooms in Paris, we are at your disposal to inform you.

We would be honored that one of our unique pieces reveals all its beauty within the comfort of your interior. Each piece is handmade with the highest quality materials … guaranteed for life a timeless pleasure.

Sale of carpets wholesaler price |

Old or contemporary carpets at the lowest prices are available for individuals or professionals.

Carpet restoration |

The restoration of your old or contemporary carpets in the strictest of ancestral methods is performed on your carpets or tapestries.

Lifetime warranty |

A lifetime warranty certificate is issued upon your purchase or restoration of your carpet.

Handmade rug |

All our carpets are handmade (hand knotted).

Carpet cleaning |

We offer an old-fashioned cleaning service and the stain removal of carpets and tapestries. Cleaning techniques are strictly traditional.

E-commerce |

The Galaxy Carpet offers more than 5000 carpets for sale, directly in its workshops or on its merchant website.