The Galaxy of the Carpet.

Recognized around the world by the professional field of restoration and sale of antique carpets, the Galaxy carpet is present on the European market, American and, especially in Iran (Tehran), United States (San Francisco, New York), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris, Coulommiers, Orgeval, Vélizy).

Perfection in carpet restoration.

The Galaxy of the Carpet offers a professional service for the restoration, cleaning and repair of your old or contemporary carpets. For more than 100 years, she has been mastering the various techniques used to restore your carpets or tapestries.

A worldwide carpet supplier.

The Galaxy of Carpet is a supplier and distributor of antique and contemporary carpets. Internationally recognized thanks to the partnerships established with all the actors of the promotion of the art of the carpet, the Galaxy of the Carpet is also addressed to the individuals with unbeatable prices.

Expertise and estimation of your carpets.

The Galaxy of the Carpet expertise your handmade carpets. It offers quotes for the repair of your carpet and expertise on the realization of a quote for your carpets damaged in case of a disaster and for insurance.

The art of restoring your old carpet |

Achievement of breakpoints | Replenishment of selvedges | Redo fringes |
Repairing holes, rips | Retightening worn places | Restore and relaying |
Laying the consolidation tape | Lining of the rug with hand-stitched cotton canvas |
The restoration of the carpet colors, the restoration of colors |
Tapestry upholstery repair |
The traditional repair of old tapestries in the rules of art |
Washing, cleaning and stain removal (from any chemical or organic stain) following traditional manual methods of old carpets or contemporary rugs |

Direct importer

The Carpet Galaxy has established itself as one of the largest direct importers of handmade oriental rugs from Europe.

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Accredited with insurance.

The carpet Galaxy is recognized by all insurance companies in case of disaster.

The carpet galaxy | Welcome to our handmade carpet showroom.

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