The art of

restoration |

Expert of old carpets restoration.

Restoration |

The Galaxy of Carpet has a repair shop, for restoration and carpet washing (specialist antique carpets, oriental carpets, Persian rugs, antique carpets, tapestries, soap makers). We are able to give back youth to your carpet, you will find your carpet in its original state.


Services on the repair of your carpet |

Achievement of breakpoints |
Replenishment of selvedges |
Redo fringes |
Repairing holes, rips |
Retightening worn places |
Tramage and relaying |
Laying the consolidation tape |
Lining of the rug with hand-stitched cotton canvas |
The restoration of carpet colors, the restoration of colors |
Tapestry upholstery repair |
The traditional repair of old tapestries in the rules of art |
Washing, cleaning and stain removal (from any chemical or organic stain) following traditional manual methods of old carpets or contemporary rugs |

100% Satisfied and Guarantee

We guarantee a restoration of your old carpet (washing and repair) in the most stringent regulations, namely a respect for color pigments, relining, treatment and replacement of fibers of fabrics.

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